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SafeRide Designated Drivers Needed - SafeRide America is a designated driver-for-hire service that operates seven days and nights a week all over the metro area. All of our designated drivers are independent contractors who work in teams of two. Our clients use our designated driver-for-hire service from their homes, bars, restaurants, concerts, weddings, parties, medical and dental facilities. We are not a taxi service and no one is allowed to ride in the chase car, but you and your partner. You will provide designated driver services by driving SafeRide customers home in their own car while your partner follows in the chase car. Shifts are available every night of the week. Shifts begin as early as 6 pm and as late as midnight.

About SafeRide America

"A well-respected and widely available nonprofit that vows to drive you and your car home for less than the price of a taxi" - Atlanta Journal Constitution
It's simple...we drive YOU in YOUR CAR.

For more than a decade, SafeRide America has blazed the trail in driver-for-hire services. No one has been at it longer, nor do they do it better than us.
3 Services:

SafeRide Service - On call, On demand private driver service for both you and your car. We send the driver to you and will drive you any where you want to go.
SafeChauffeur - rent a dedicated private chauffeur to drive you around in your car or rented car. Book by the hour.
SafeParty - rent dedicated teams of drivers for your private parties and events. Book for 1 hour or as long as you need them.
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